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  • Vegan website claims keto diets damage your heart… unless it’s the vegan version

    Any honest site reporting on ketogenic diets will tell you that you can go keto whether you concentrate on animal or plants. The difference is in satiety. An animal based approach to the keto diet will leave you feeling more satisfied for longer periods of time. A plant based approach will mean you will have […]

  • Eating meat could lead to a better brain

    While plants have many of the same nutrients found in meat the human body doesn’t seem to absorb them efficiently. And vitamins like B12 aren’t found in plants at all and have to be supplemented if you’re on a vegan diet. To make matters even worse on a mainly vegetable diet is that you have […]

  • Plant based keto friendly recipes

    It is possible to get a little tired of bacon all the time. The keto diet focuses on reducing your carbohydrate consumption — reducing glucose (ie. sugar) — to achieve ketosis. This not only provides a better source of energy, but it also burns adipose fat quicker. Along with burning more fat, the ketogenic diet […]

  • Low carb or low fat don’t matter as long as you’re eating things that are not meat?

    Another day another bad study. Either the article is written poorly or this study is utter garbage. How can you take a 24 hour eating period and extrapolate that out 15 years and assume people kept eating the same way over 15 years? In the study, researchers asked more than 37,000 adults in the United […]

  • Meet the Ketotarian. To each his own I guess.

    Everyone needs to feel virtuous I guess. Why? Just eat what you like. You’re not saving the planet by eating vegetables instead of meat. You’re not saving the animals by eating vegetables instead of meat. No matter what you are, carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, or vegan you’re killing something to consume it. You’re either killing plants […]

  • Is being Vegan good or bad for your baby’s brain?

    Common sense should tell you that if you’re eating a varied diet, be it vegan, omnivore, or carnivore, there should be no problem with the development of your babies brain while in the womb. But there is always someone scaring the public into thinking that they are stupifying their children. Advocates of plant-based eating are […]