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  • Onion Braised Brisket for Two

    Onion Braised Brisket for Two

    This takes a while to cook so set this aside for a weekend. The recipe is slightly adapted from the original I found online that used a 6 pound brisket. That’s too big for my wife and myself. When I buy brisket I buy it when it’s on sale and divide it into 2 pound […]

  • How to Digitally Enhance Your Cooking Experience

    How to Digitally Enhance Your Cooking Experience

    By Jennifer Scott of spiritfinder.org Keto Kooking shares information surrounding a keto friendly diet, intermittent fasting, and metabolic health. Read more informative articles today! Whether you are learning how to cook, wanting to break out of a cooking rut, or looking for ways to make cooking easier, technology can help. Keto Kooking wants you to […]

  • LA Times Keto Recipes

    The recipe that interests me the most in this article is the Brine-Braised Chicken Thighs With Kale and Avocado. I plan on giving this a try soon! The recipes in keto cookbooks often contain mutations of classics with odd ingredient substitutions like meatballs and, er, zucchini noodles. In my view, substitutions like that shine a […]

  • Low-carb fruit flan recipe

    Now this looks interesting if you’re craving a little something sweet. This is not one of my recipes so I’m just linking to it below. Low-Carb Fruit Flan