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  • New York Times reports no benefit to time restricted eating… but what did participants in the study eat?

    New York Times reports no benefit to time restricted eating… but what did participants in the study eat?

    The New York Times reported on a study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on time restricted eating, or as it is more commonly known these days, intermittent fasting. It’s important to note the study was also based on calorie restriction, which was left out of the headline, in addition to time restriction. […]

  • Benefits of intermittent fasting

    Benefits of intermittent fasting

    There are many health benefits to intermittent fasting. Prevention magazine covers many of them. Mental health is not mentioned. How can intermittent fasting help with your mental health? You save money. If you’re practicing one of the many variations of intermittent fasting you’re most likely eating less. If you’re eating less you’re most likely not […]

  • Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting helps woman lose 105 lbs.

    Keto Diet and Intermittent Fasting helps woman lose 105 lbs.

    It’s not all about calories in and calories out. Although on a Keto Diet you may indeed eat fewer calories because your satiety levels are much higher. If you’re not hungry all the time you’re not eating all the time and that’s where the magic of Intermittent Fasting adds to the progress. I lived a keto […]

  • Dr. Jason Fung on Intermittent Fasting

    If you want to know how intermittent fasting works just watch this short 10 minute video. It’s not starvation and is a normal way for your body to work. We were never meant to eat all throughout the day.

  • New scientific trial shows benefit of Intermittent Fasting

    The trial is small and the conclusion that participants lost weight because they consumed fewer calories misses the mark a little. But, at least scientists are beginning to look at what we’ve known anecdotally for a long time now. If you’re not eating all the time there are things that happen with your hormones that […]

  • Intermittent fasting and your health

    More and more evidence is coming out on the benefits of not eating so many times per day. Prior to modern agriculture and government intervention into our diet what is now called intermittent fasting used to be called existing. Before modern society people didn’t wake up and make themselves a breakfast. They woke up. They […]

  • A guy shares his thoughts on 7 years of intermittent fasting

    I’m not a body builder or a fitness guru. I’m just a regular guy. I’ve been intermittent fasting for decades. I fell into it just by chance. You can learn more about that on my about page. My experience is not like his. I never experienced intense hunger because when I changed my eating habits […]

  • What is Dry Fasting and should you do it?

    Dry fasting is when you don’t consume anything during your fast including liquids. Should you dry fast? In my opinion the answer is no. Absolutely not. You can survive for long periods of time without eating but you will not survive for days on end without drinking. I’ve never subscribed to the idea that it […]

  • Ramadan and dawn to dusk fasting

    It’s intermittent fasting but done during a different time scale. During Ramadan Muslims eat a meal before dawn, called suhoor, and eat a meal again after sunset, called iftar. In essence they have two fasting cycles. One while they sleep and the other during the middle of the day. This is similar to a 20:4 […]

  • Warrior Diet; Intermittent Fasting in disguise?

    It really is the same thing under a different name. Your fasting period is slightly longer than more common methods of intermittent fasting. The diet has actually evolved from its original format since it was first created and the name was coined. More recently, the Warrior Diet has been interpreted as a strict 20-hour food […]