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  • Epilepsy treatment using the Keto Diet

    Epilepsy treatment using the Keto Diet

    A very low-carb diet can make a big difference for children who don’t respond well to other epilepsy treatments. The UK Epilepsy Clinic works to show families how to use the ketogenic (keto) diet to reduce and even eliminate seizures. What is the keto diet? The keto diet is often touted as a weight-loss method, […]

  • Guidelines for keto diet treatments for adult epilepsy

    Forgive me for being ignorant but I thought a ketogenic diet for epilepsy is an old therapeutic, even for adults, from decades ago. Nevertheless, apparently the first ever guidelines where released. By the way, KDT in the linked article refers to Ketogenic Diet Therapies. KDTs are high fat, low-carbohydrate, and adequate protein diets that induce […]

  • The history of the Keto Diet

    If you’re curious how this all came to be the latest fad Men’s Health Magazine has a good article with a rundown on how it all came to be. There aren’t really any conclusions drawn about the Keto Diet and I think the article does provide some balance. It especially emphasizes that with all diets […]