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  • Consult your doctor about your health but not your nutrition?

    This is odd because health and nutrition are tied together. What you eat has a direct effect on the state of your health. But doctors are not trained in nutrition. They’re like the police. They’re trained in what to do after something bad happens but may be less effective in the prevention of those same […]

  • Nutritionists look at the Keto Diet

    When looking at what most people eat on the Keto Diet we always see a little too much of the same things. Most people are consuming a lot of bacon, eggs, steak, and butter. And I love all those things too but variety in your diet is always a good thing. Too much of any […]

  • Some nutritionists have concerns over the Ketogenic diet

    There is no doubt that diets are not one size fits all. The most important thing is to pay attention to your body and how it reacts to your current diet and exercise. Also, if you think you’re having some difficulties, consult your doctor. Common sense always needs to prevail. Livestrong has 7 things nutritionists […]