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  • 5 Tips for Women Who Want to Lose Weight

    5 Tips for Women Who Want to Lose Weight

    By Diane Harrison of HealthPSA.info When you want to get in better shape, have more energy, and live a healthier life, one of the first things you may do is try to lose weight. Unfortunately, women often have a harder time than men when trying to lose weight. If you want your weight loss journey […]

  • Is the Keto Diet good for Women?

    For example, one study in 45 women with ovarian or endometrial cancer found that women who followed a ketogenic diet for 12 weeks had significantly less total body fat and lost 16% more belly fat than women assigned to a low fat, high fiber diet. Another study in adults with obesity that included 12 women […]

  • The right time of the month for women to eat more carbs

    Not being a woman I can’t really say anything about this article other than that this is all new information to me. Apparently keeping your leptin levels in balance is important. Carb cycling on a keto diet means you are intentionally increasing carbohydrate intake during specific times of the month to ensure that leptin levels […]