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  • Eliminating sugar good for gut health

    The article makes a great case for eliminating added sugars from a person’s diet. If added sugar is likely causing inflammation in the gut, what happens to your gut when you remove added sugar from your diet? Dr. Bulsiewicz says many people experience balance. “If you eliminate foods that we know are damaging to the […]

  • Type-2 Diabetes patients with COVID-19 and control blood sugar fair better

    The investigators said they were surprised to see that patients with well-controlled blood sugar had lower mortality rates compared with those with poorly controlled levels. Furthermore, those with well-managed T2D also received fewer medical interventions, including supplemental oxygen or ventilation, and had fewer overall complications. “We were surprised to see such favorable outcomes in [the] […]

  • How much sugar can you consume on the Keto Diet?

    The answer? It varies from person to person. But the rule of thumb is… not much. There are around 13 grams of carbohydrates in one tablespoon of table sugar. If you keep that in mind and restrict other forms of carbs on days you’re eating something with real sugar then you shouldn’t have a problem. […]

  • Pros and Cons of keto friendly sweeteners

    I don’t like artificial sweeteners much. They just don’t taste the same as sugar. But, I have on occasion used monk fruit and if I use it sparingly it seems to be a passable solution. To me, there still is no replacement for real sugar. I think we just have to be disciplined in how […]

  • Here’s what happens when you stop eating sugar

    You probably already know the answer. But, I think it probably needs to be repeated until we stop thinking about diet in the traditional way. Giving up the sweet stuff is challenging since it’s found in unsuspecting places, like veggie burgers, tomato sauce, and crackers. But if you do nix added sugars from your diet, […]