Is beef jerky healthy?


Beef jerky is healthy without the sugar. That’s the problem with most beef jerky on the market today. You have to be careful and really read the label. A lot of jerky uses a lot of sugar. That’s part of the reason why it tastes so good. It’s not that low sugar jerky is bad. It’s different and not as addicting as the ones with sugar.

The article is mostly concerned with salt. I believe it’s been proven that salt is not a big deal and is largely not responsible for high blood pressure. To me it’s the jerky with high carbs you have to watch out for.

The nutrition facts for beef jerky can vary by brand, but according to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) database, a 1-ounce portion provides 116 calories, 9 grams of protein, 7 grams of fat, and 3 grams of carbohydrate. It also has 15% of the daily value for immune-supporting zinc; 11% for phosphorus, a mineral needed to produce energy and repair cells; and 8% for iron, which helps transport oxygen in the body. These key minerals, as well as the fact that it’s a handy, non-perishable source of protein, are some of the benefits of beef jerky.

Beef jerky is generally quite high in sodium. A 1-ounce portion can pack nearly 20% of the daily advised sodium limit for adults. According to the American Heart Association, nine out of 10 Americans consume too much sodium, which may increase water retention, potentially leading to puffiness, bloating, and weight gain. The organization also states that, over time, excess sodium may up the risk of various health conditions, including enlarged heart, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, and kidney stones.

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A satisfying snack that’s better than a bag of chips


It really is simple to have a snack if you must and remain on a low carb and keto friendly diet. This picture below is about as simple as it gets. It’s a single hard boiled egg, a wedge of brie cheese, a few blueberries, a strawberry, and a cup of black coffee. Anyone that is used to grabbing that quick snack of a granola bar or any type of processed snack may be surprised how something so small and simple can be so satisfying.

Jillian Michaels comes around to the Intermittent Fasting way of life? Not really


She starts out by giving old bad advice.

Losing and maintaining weight is ultimately all about calories in and calories out.

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Then it seems like she’s coming around to the keto and intermittent fasting way of life.

Your metabolism is really just a bunch of hormones that tell your body all sorts of stuff: when to feel hungry and full; when to build, maintain, or break down muscle; where to store fat. The timing of your meals and snacks has a dramatic effect on your metabolism—specifically the levels of the satiety hormone leptin and the hunger hormone ghrelin.

If you’re eating all day long, you’re not freeing up your body to do all the things it needs to do to repair itself, because it’s constantly busy processing food. You’ll feel psychologically hungry because you haven’t sat down for a full meal. And you’ll keep your insulin levels surging, which is definitely not good for your overall health and wellness.

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Until she tells us that she believes in eating more carbs than any other part of her diet.

I believe in eating a pretty balanced combination of macronutrients: About 40 percent carbs, 30 percent fat, and 30 percent protein. Don’t get crazy about it. Just eat with common sense, and aim for those ratios at every meal, including snacks.

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In addition, she’s talking about eating during a 12 hour window. That’s nothing radical or any kind of change in the normal American diet. Eat breakfast at 7:00 am and eat dinner before 7:00 pm. Shifted one hour in either direction and that sounds like what most people would do anyway.

So what is the “controversial” part of her advice?

You shouldn’t eat more than one snack a day. Yes, I know that’s controversial in some circles, but it’s true. Especially if your goal is weight loss.

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That’s the controversy? Really?

Halle Berry shares her favorite keto snacks.


Halle started off by talking about her favorite keto snack: Truwomen bars. “It’s my favorite new snack,” Halle said of the totally plant-based bars. “This is a treat in a little pink package,” she added, revealing that her favorite flavor was “Dreaming About Donuts.” (Halle also said she likes F-Bomb Nut Butter as a snack, as well).

If keto snacks are good for Halle Berry I think they’re good enough for me!

Forbes lists summer time keto “snacks”


They’re not all snacks so I suspect they just needed to put together a list of keto stuff to get some clicks. Never the less there are some interesting things on the list like, Chickpea Puffs, ChocZero, and Hippie Snacks. Check it out maybe there’s something you’ll like that you never heard of.

In those early days, it was a lot harder to find snacks and/or ready-made meals, but things have changed so much in a short amount of time. While I still love all of the things I’ve mentioned in my past articles about keto-friendly chocolate and subscription boxes, the offerings and options have grown so much since then. Here are some low carb products to put on your radar!