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  • Vegan website claims keto diets damage your heart… unless it’s the vegan version

    Any honest site reporting on ketogenic diets will tell you that you can go keto whether you concentrate on animal or plants. The difference is in satiety. An animal based approach to the keto diet will leave you feeling more satisfied for longer periods of time. A plant based approach will mean you will have […]

  • Healthy fats for the Keto Diet

    While the article seems a little behind the times regarding meat and saturated fats there is still some good information for people looking for a substitute for vegetable oils and/or seed oils. If you’re in the store and don’t know what to choose here are some good alternatives. What is clear is that unsaturated fat […]

  • The science is in! To lower your cholesterol avoid carbs.

    At least that’s what’s being said this week. Personally from all the books I’ve read on the topic it seems obvious to me that saturated fats from animal products don’t cause any harm whatsoever while highly processed fats from plant sources do a great deal of harm. It also makes common sense since there was […]

  • The saturated fat falacy

    Professor Timothy Noakes is writing a series of articles to try to put the nail in the coffin of the modern western diet and dispatch forever the shoddy work of Ancel Keys. This is why you should immediately distrust anyone that says, “The science is settled.” Science by it’s very nature is never settled. Those […]

  • How many eggs a week are too many?

    An article from the Cleveland Clinic tells us there is no current recommendation as to how many eggs are too many and then goes on to tell us that too many eggs are bad. I think if you’re suffering from heart disease then you need to keep a close watch on your cholesterol with your […]

  • D’Marge Magazine marginalizes followers of low carb and keto diets

    Passing off people who are on a low carb diet as cultists who ignore science is not a good way to put forth your argument. Especially since there is now a great deal of science behind the benefits of going low carb. While a diet high in full-fat dairy, butter, ghee and coconut oil can […]