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  • It’s costing more to remain keto?

    It’s costing more to remain keto?

    They say meat prices are rising. I was in Costco today and bought a ribeye roast for $12.50/lb. and beef eye of round for $3.50/lb. That’s relatively the same price I’ve been paying for awhile. Either it hasn’t hit here yet or it isn’t happening. About one in three U.S. adults say they’re spending more […]

  • NYT blames meat first for obesity and COVID-19

    Jane Brody of the New York Times has it right when she calls out obesity and Type-2 diabetes for being high risk factors for severe cases of COVID-19. This has been known since almost the beginning of the pandemic. What she doesn’t get right unnecessarily blaming meat. Of course, in recent decades many of the […]

  • Real meat vs. fake meat

    I ran across this video from the World Economic Forum regarding meat. The article is about climate change and that is a separate argument from the fake meat they are pushing. The fake meat will be made using plant material. They never give the nutritional information but it seems to me it would be full […]

  • Eating meat could lead to a better brain

    While plants have many of the same nutrients found in meat the human body doesn’t seem to absorb them efficiently. And vitamins like B12 aren’t found in plants at all and have to be supplemented if you’re on a vegan diet. To make matters even worse on a mainly vegetable diet is that you have […]

  • Low carb or low fat don’t matter as long as you’re eating things that are not meat?

    Another day another bad study. Either the article is written poorly or this study is utter garbage. How can you take a 24 hour eating period and extrapolate that out 15 years and assume people kept eating the same way over 15 years? In the study, researchers asked more than 37,000 adults in the United […]

  • More baloney on eating meat

    Each week it seems we get a new study on the effects of eating meat. Last week meat is great and this week meat is crap. Who knows what to believe anymore!! What I do know is that I’m not going to put much stock in a study that uses diaries to record what people […]