Ketogenic Diet as possible treatment for PCOS


The ketogenic diet has shown some promise as a non-pharmacological treatment for Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is good news! Any time you can stop or reduce the number of prescription drugs you consume the better. The added benefit is that if it works for you it will also save you money!

The results of our study are suggestive for a use of the KD as a possible therapeutic aid in PCOS, to be followed by a more balanced dietary regimen, but always with particular attention to the amount of carbohydrates. The duration of KD is still a question: there is no evidence of side effects in the short term, they are considered safe for short cycles. Less information is available on diets in the long term, but the experience gained in the field of epilepsy and GLUT-1 deficiency syndrome supports a possible use also for prolonged periods. It is plausible to hypothesize the setting of protocols to be repeated in cycles over time, interspersed with periods of balanced regime.

Keto Diet and PCOS


I’ve seen it said by some doctors that I follow on Twitter that the Keto Diet is effective for treatment of PCOS but I know absolutely nothing about PCOS so I’ll leave it up to the article linked below.

A diet that is low in carbohydrates, rich in plant compounds (phytocompounds), and balanced with anti-inflammatory fats and well-sourced proteins can be a fantastic way to reduce the primary mechanisms that drive PCOS symptoms.

So, let’s dig into the hormonal, metabolic, and structural shifts that can occur with a healthy keto diet to reduce the symptoms and imbalances associated with PCOS.

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