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  • Creation of US dietary guidelines correlate with rise in childhood obesity

    Creation of US dietary guidelines correlate with rise in childhood obesity

    I was reading an article by Zoe Harcombe this morning where she covers why we eat carbohydrates. In the article she gives the year in which the United States started issuing dietary guidelines. It’s 1977 by the way. I had always thought the federal government’s involvement in the public school system, in particular the school […]

  • NYT blames meat first for obesity and COVID-19

    Jane Brody of the New York Times has it right when she calls out obesity and Type-2 diabetes for being high risk factors for severe cases of COVID-19. This has been known since almost the beginning of the pandemic. What she doesn’t get right unnecessarily blaming meat. Of course, in recent decades many of the […]

  • The latest on COVID-19 and obesity

    According to the study authors, one way that obesity might increase the risk of severe COVID-19 involves respiratory dysfunction. People with obesity are more likely to have higher resistance in their airways, lower lung volumes, and weaker respiratory muscles, which are critical in the defense against COVID-19. These factors make an individual more likely to […]

  • Metabolic Health looks to be the new focus in fighting COVID-19

    Story after story crops up regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on people who have Type-2 Diabetes and/or are obese. The virus seems to affect people with these conditions regardless of age. Many times I’ve seen reports of a relatively young person (below 40 years old) with no underlying health conditions dying from the […]

  • New study says being overweight can adversely affect your brain

    I wonder if they were using their brains while conducting this study? From the short article there isn’t enough information to say anything regarding weight and the brain. All they did was take measurements six years apart. There is no way to know what these people did in between the time the measurements were taken. […]