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  • Study: Time restricted eating is an effective intervention for metabolic syndrome

    Study: Time restricted eating is an effective intervention for metabolic syndrome

    Reducing visceral fat is extremely important. That’s the fat you can’t see. It’s the fat that builds up in your organs and will kill you over time. There is something called “skinny-fat” which describes someone who looks fit or healthy from the outside but has fat surrounding their internal organs. There are so many acronyms […]

  • New York Times reports no benefit to time restricted eating… but what did participants in the study eat?

    New York Times reports no benefit to time restricted eating… but what did participants in the study eat?

    The New York Times reported on a study in the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) on time restricted eating, or as it is more commonly known these days, intermittent fasting. It’s important to note the study was also based on calorie restriction, which was left out of the headline, in addition to time restriction. […]

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup may block Vitamin D increasing risk COVID-19 infection

    It’s increasingly clear that metabolic health and Vitamin D deficiency lead to more serious cases of COVID-19. Obviously I’m not a doctor but when I heard the information in this post I had to pass it along. I ran across the following recording of Dr. Roger Seheult of MedCram.com. In this audio he explains how […]

  • Study: Metabolic Syndrome on the Rise

    Some of the unchanging facts during the COVID-19 pandemic is that most of the people that are having severe reactions and having difficulty recovering are those with metabolic syndrome. What is metabolic syndrome? Metabolic syndrome is a clustering of at least three of the five following medical conditions: abdominal obesity, high blood pressure, high blood […]

  • Metabolic Syndrome is growing in the United States

    It’s been shown over the last several months that those from metabolic syndrome are most vulnerable to COVID-19. The inflammation associated with this syndrome is what puts the immune system into overdrive causing massive complications. If Americans are to improve their resistance to this virus we are going to have to adopt diets that are […]

  • Nearly 50% of Americans over 60 suffer from metabolic syndrome

    The bad news is way too many people suffer from metabolic syndrome. The good news is that it’s relatively easy to reverse. It starts with your diet and getting off the sugar/carbohydrate addiction. As many as 37 percent of all American adults have metabolic syndrome, placing them at increased risk for heart disease and other […]

  • Poor metabolic health is the weakness that allows COVID-19 to kill

    It’s not the virus that is the big killer. It’s the virus plus the Standard American Diet (SAD). The US will suffer the most because we are the least metabolically healthy. The map above shows where U.S residents are at increased risk for severe Covid-19 illness, compared with the national average. It is based on […]

  • The American diet and COVID-19 mortality

    The link between poor metabolic health and death from COVID-19 keeps cropping up in the news. Doctors and scientists are discovering two common characteristics among many of those who are losing their battle with COVID-19 — they are overweight or obese and suffer from a chronic disease. Ninety four percent of deaths from COVID-19 are […]

  • How to prevent or reverse metabolic syndrome

    In a previous post I discussed what metabolic syndrome is and its possible causes. Here I’ll discuss what you may be able to do to reverse or prevent it. To start you can immediately reduce your consumption of carbohydrates. It’s not to say you need to eliminate them from your diet but if you have […]

  • Book: Life in the Fasting Lane

    Last week I finished reading, “Life in the Fasting Lane”, and I think it’s a great book for anyone looking to get into intermittent fasting or even fasting for longer periods. The book follows the real experiences of Eve Mayer and chronicles her successes and struggles with weight, diet, and fasting. There is nothing better […]