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  • Small study finds ketogenic diet benefits mental illness

    Small study finds ketogenic diet benefits mental illness

    The study is tiny. But, if true, I think it adds to the other evidence that human beings might be naturally allergic to carbohydrates. So many ailments seem to improve when on a low carb or ketogenic diet that it is getting harder to ignore the evidence. Symptoms of depression and psychosis improved in all 28 patients […]

  • Is peanut butter keto friendly?

    Is peanut butter keto friendly?

    According to an article in Good Housekeeping 3 registered dieticians say peanut butter is keto friendly. In general, registered dietitian Abigail Rapaport Fay, RDN, says that natural peanut butter is absolutely keto-friendly. This is because they follow the ratio of high fat, moderate protein and low carb (and low sugar). Molly Devine, RDN, a registered dietitian and the author of Essential […]

  • Today is National Keto Day. Who knew??

    Today is National Keto Day. Who knew??

    I had no idea this existed. Have at it people! It’s not that hard. Just cut out most of the carbs you are consuming and you’re well on your way. You don’t need a diet plan or a dietician to tell you what to eat. Just look at your next meal and remove the carbs. […]

  • Vegan website claims keto diets damage your heart… unless it’s the vegan version

    Any honest site reporting on ketogenic diets will tell you that you can go keto whether you concentrate on animal or plants. The difference is in satiety. An animal based approach to the keto diet will leave you feeling more satisfied for longer periods of time. A plant based approach will mean you will have […]

  • Everything you need to know on Keto Breath and what you can do about it.

    Keto Breath is something I’ve never experienced (at least no one has told me that I offend). But I know many people do have problems with it especially when starting down the path of low carb and and the ketogenic diet. There is a product called Smart Mouth that may be able to help (not […]

  • Are cherries keto friendly?

    I say they are not. Only because it is very hard to stop eating too many. According to this article in Women’s Health Magazine there are way too many carbs in a cup of cherries. I wish they would give the portion size by weight because it would make more sense than by volume. You […]

  • Fighting COVID-19 by going low carb

    More and more evidence shows that the high risk factors for dying from COVID-19 can be reversed within weeks when going on a low carb diet. Almost immediately blood sugars stabilize, people become less insulin resistant, and inflammation throughout the body goes down. Other studies have found that dietary changes can rapidly and substantially improve […]

  • Ketogenic Diet as possible treatment for PCOS

    The ketogenic diet has shown some promise as a non-pharmacological treatment for Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). This is good news! Any time you can stop or reduce the number of prescription drugs you consume the better. The added benefit is that if it works for you it will also save you money! The results of […]

  • Can you eat sweet potatoes on the Keto Diet?

    The short answer is yes if you limit the amount. I would recommend on days where you want to eat a sweet potato to severely restrict the other carbs you will eat the rest of that day. After all a SWEET POTATO is a double carbohydrate whammy. A sweet potato is a type of starchy […]

  • Non-fat sour cream may not be keto-friendly

    Regular sour cream gets its thick, smooth texture from fat. To achieve the same texture and mouthfeel without fat, manufacturers typically add thickeners, gums, and stabilizers like maltodextrin, corn starch, guar gum, and xanthan gum. Given that these ingredients are derived from carbs, they can increase the carb content of low fat sour cream a […]