Tag: Fast Food

  • Highly processed foods may be addictive

    This article in the New York Times shows how highly processed foods may be as addictive as cigarettes and cocaine. This kind of food seems to light up the parts of your brain that make you want to eat more. At the top of the list were pizza, chocolate, potato chips, cookies, ice cream, French […]

  • Going keto at fast food restaurants

    Men’s Health Magazine has an article on “keto hacks” while eating out at fast food or fast casual restaurants. I’m really against using the word “hacks” for this stuff but I guess it’s what people click on these days. Like eating at any other restaurant it’s all about your choices. Some of the suggestions here […]

  • c|net covers keto?!?

    How far has c|net fallen from the technology news site it used to be? I used to religiously read c|net and follow many of the columnists and hosts in the 1990’s and 2000’s. Now they’re reporting on the Keto Diet? Who do they think they are? The Verge? The average keto dieter wants to keep […]