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  • Low carb alternatives to pasta

    Low carb alternatives to pasta

    I’m just going to come out and say it. Despite the information in the article I’m linking to today I don’t think there is a true acceptable alternative to traditional pasta. Pasta substitutes just can’t compete. That doesn’t mean you can’t use these items. But just know that your dish will not be the same. […]

  • Eating eggs for weight loss

    The one thing consistent about eggs is the nutrition industry likes to bat them around like a shuttlecock. Eggs is a perfect food. It has almost everything you need in a tiny package. I think it’s virtually impossible to over eat eggs as well. Think about how full you would feel eating a dozen eggs? […]

  • An eggcelent primer on eggs

    Yes, I know, the headline laid an egg… okay, I’ll stop now. Go check out this article on eggs. It contains everything you need to know. Where they come from, the history of egg consumption, their composition, how they can affect your diet and health, and way way more. Lot’s of great information. What is […]

  • Why nutrition science is broken

    Anyone that actually pays attention to reporting on the latest nutrition studies regarding eggs, wine, vegetables, or anything else concerning our diets knows that the “studies” are at best correlative. This simply means that someone did something and it just so happens that something else happened either at the same time or shortly thereafter. It […]

  • How many eggs a week are too many?

    An article from the Cleveland Clinic tells us there is no current recommendation as to how many eggs are too many and then goes on to tell us that too many eggs are bad. I think if you’re suffering from heart disease then you need to keep a close watch on your cholesterol with your […]

  • Nutrition Diva Podcast addresses the latest news on eggs and heart disease

    You can’t eat eggs. You can eat eggs. You can’t eat eggs. What do we do?!? The Nutrition Diva Podcast tells you the facts behind the latest news. All of this evidence ultimately led the USDA to take cholesterol off the list of nutrients of concern.¬†This decision was not an impulsive one. In fact, many […]