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  • Low Carb Chocolate Custard

    Low Carb Chocolate Custard

    This is low carb but not keto because I used table sugar in the recipe. While I’ve used some of the natural and artificial sugar substitutes I’ve always found them lacking. I thought allulose powder was the closest in taste and texture to real sugar but it is expensive and still not thoroughly studied to […]

  • Duncan Hines Riding the Keto Wave

    I don’t know if I’d recommend eating one of these. The claim is 5g of net carbs. Largely because they use 21g of Allulose powder as a sweetener. In fact Allulose is the first ingredient listed before almond flour which means it’s the largest ingredient by volume in this “cake”. I’ve used Allulose in the […]

  • Keto Chocolate Almond Torte

    Keto Chocolate Almond Torte

    Update: Hat tip to Kate. She noticed I had an entire stick of butter for the ingredients when this only requires at most 2 tablespoons. Thank you! This is based off a recipe from Milk Street for a Caprese Chocolate and Almond Torte. It seemed easy enough to convert to a keto friendly version so […]

  • Keto Valentine’s Day Desserts

    When it comes to sugar free and low carb desserts there really aren’t too many choices out there in the world. Your best bet is to make it yourself. Here are a slew of recipes from Parade Magazine. All of these V-Day desserts are gluten-free and delicious, so give them a try on February 14th […]

  • Low-carb fruit flan recipe

    Now this looks interesting if you’re craving a little something sweet. This is not one of my recipes so I’m just linking to it below. Low-Carb Fruit Flan

  • Keto Whoopie Pie Squares

    Keto Whoopie Pie Squares

    I’m new to the keto dessert scene. I’m not big on desserts to begin with but I do like the occasional sweet treat every now and then. These were delicious and have less than 2 net carbs per serving. Here’s the recipe: Ingredients: • 2 tbsp butter softened• 1 large egg• 1 1/4 cup heavy […]