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  • 4 Tension Relief Tactics for Households in Self-Isolation

    Sheila Johnson of wellshelia.net Have tensions in your household been growing since your family initially went into self-isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic? When you’re facing an unprecedented challenge, it can be hard to keep your emotions in check – and everyone in your household is probably struggling to do the same. With life slowly […]

  • Metabolic Syndrome is growing in the United States

    It’s been shown over the last several months that those from metabolic syndrome are most vulnerable to COVID-19. The inflammation associated with this syndrome is what puts the immune system into overdrive causing massive complications. If Americans are to improve their resistance to this virus we are going to have to adopt diets that are […]

  • How to protect yourself against COVID-19

    Sheila Johnson of wellshelia.net With No End in Sight Just Yet, Taking Actions Against COVID-19 Is Still a Must It’s been several weeks since the COVID-19 outbreak started, and it can be argued that we’re still very much in its throes. With no official vaccines or medications just yet, it definitely doesn’t look like the […]

  • Poor metabolic health is the weakness that allows COVID-19 to kill

    It’s not the virus that is the big killer. It’s the virus plus the Standard American Diet (SAD). The US will suffer the most because we are the least metabolically healthy. The map above shows where U.S residents are at increased risk for severe Covid-19 illness, compared with the national average. It is based on […]

  • The latest on COVID-19 and obesity

    According to the study authors, one way that obesity might increase the risk of severe COVID-19 involves respiratory dysfunction. People with obesity are more likely to have higher resistance in their airways, lower lung volumes, and weaker respiratory muscles, which are critical in the defense against COVID-19. These factors make an individual more likely to […]

  • Poor metabolic health increases vulnerability to COVID-10

    If there was ever a time to get your metabolic health in order it’s now. The biggest risk factors for having severe reactions or even death, other than age, with regard to COVID-19 is obesity, Type-2 Diabetes, and other associated conditions from metabolic syndrome. Despite our nation’s ability to produce so much healthful food, fewer […]

  • Worse outcomes for COVID-19 patients with Diabetes

    If there aver was a time to reduce your carb consumption this is it. Those with diabetes seem to have a much worse time with the COVID-19 virus. More than ever before Metabolic Health is important. While anyone is susceptible to contracting the new coronavius, people with diabetes or metabolic syndrome — a cluster of […]

  • Metabolic Health looks to be the new focus in fighting COVID-19

    Story after story crops up regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on people who have Type-2 Diabetes and/or are obese. The virus seems to affect people with these conditions regardless of age. Many times I’ve seen reports of a relatively young person (below 40 years old) with no underlying health conditions dying from the […]

  • The Swine Flu Fiasco

    This is why we need to remain skeptical and not jump to conclusions and react out of fear and panic. Even doctors and scientists make mistakes because they are only human like the rest of us. As all those in the keto & low carb community knows, the government surely makes mistakes.

  • The word is out. The Keto Diet can’t protect you from contracting COVID-19

    File this under DUH! If you believe that any diet makes you less susceptible to contracting any viral infection then I have a bridge to sell you in Manhattan. And we can’t believe we have to ask this: Can the keto diet stop you from contracting the coronavirus if it ever finds its way into […]