Caffeine aids in burning fat


People burn less fat in the morning than in the afternoons. Who knew? What can you do to help burn some extra fat during your morning workout? Have a cup of coffee.

These findings confirm the previously reported diurnal variation in the whole-body fat oxidation rate during graded exercise in active caffeine-naïve men, and indicate that the acute ingestion of 3 mg/kg of caffeine increases MFO, Fatmax and VO2max independent of the time of day.

In plain English this means that consuming caffeine regardless of the time of day helps aid in burning fat during exercise.

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Stop drinking cold coffee in a giant mug


I agree with this, although I do have my fair share of big coffee mugs. My favorite mugs to drink out of are the Le Creuset coffee mugs pictured above. They’re just the right size to have enough without too much where the coffee gets too cold.

As much as it pains me to admit wrongdoing, I realized after a few years drinking out of the small mug at my friend’s house that it was the better way. A small mug didn’t mean I had to drink less coffee. It just meant I could actually finish the coffee in my cup before refilling it with hot coffee from my insulated carafe. It just made more sense.

The consensus on the power of coffee is…


It will wake you up in the morning.

This was an entire article about possible benefits of coffee and caffeine where they pretty much hedge on every claim except for coffee’s ability to keep you awake.

At the end of the day, where does all this leave us on the biology of coffee? Well, as I tell my students, it’s complicated. But as most reading this already know, coffee will definitely wake you up in the morning.

Black coffee may be good enough on your keto diet

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Here’s good news for me. Well, it’s neither good nor bad in truth. I only drink my coffee black. In the beginning I went to black coffee because I found the need for cream and sugar a bit of a pain in the ass. Then I became accustomed to the taste of a clean cup of coffee and the addition of cream or sugar made it taste too sweet and almost like hot chocolate. So for the last 25 years or so I’ve been drinking my coffee black.

I love it when the science comes around to matching the way I prefer to live.

During the study, researchers gave 10 college-aged men coffee supplemented with either zero, 28, or 42 grams of MCT oil. The scientists took blood samples from these men before and after their coffee intake, measuring ketone levels, cholesterol and insulin levels, and oxidative stress.

What they found was pretty intriguing: All three groups experienced an increase in ketone levels and a decrease in insulin levels, meaning just our coffee alone can have ketosis enhancing benefits.

Making coffee better for your brain


I still prefer a simple cup of black coffee. I guess I’ll just have to deal with the cognitive deficiencies of my daily habit.

Coffee is a daily ritual for many people. “Don’t talk to me until after I’ve had my morning coffee” is a phrase you’ve likely heard at least once in your life. While it’s true that, on its own, coffee has some nutritional benefits like antioxidants, there are myriad ways to make it healthier and more nourishing for your body and mind.

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Is coffee the true super food you’ve been looking for?


I doubt that coffee is a super food just like I don’t believe in anything being a super food. Food is food and too much of anything probably is not good for you. But, at the same time, I like to drink coffee and I’m not afraid to have a cup or five during the day. Depends on the day and my mood. There’s nothing in the article about bullet proof coffee, a favorite of the keto community, but if coffee will help you cheat death than maybe bullet proof coffee will make you invincible!

We have to start here: A fascinating British study of 500,000 people found that habitual coffee drinkers were less likely to die than non-coffee drinkers over the 10 year span of the study.
Not just less likely to die of certain causes: less likely to die of anything. As in, they literally cheat death. Find me a better argument than that!
As for why, it’s a bit of a mystery. One theory is that since coffee contains more than 10,000 different chemical compounds that protect cells from damage, it might just inhibit many causes of death that scientists haven’t isolated yet.


Men’s Health explains MCT Oil after criticizing your bullet proof coffee

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Why do they have to attack the go morning beverage of people trying to stick to the Keto Diet? Can’t we all just get along?!?

Your body digests MCTs differently. Because of their shorter molecular chains, MCTs are more easily broken down by your system and converted into medium-chain fatty acids. This efficiency creates a ready-to-use energy store.
According to fledgling research, much of it either conducted on rodents on in humans short term, there may exist links between MCT consumption and brain health, satiety, and exercise endurance.
Repeat: This is nascent research that is based on preliminary studies. As of right now, there are no long-term, double-blind studies on the effectiveness of taking MCT oil supplements in regards to any proposed benefit.
“And there are certainly none on bulletproof coffee,” says Chris Mohr, R.D., co-owner of Mohr Results, a nutrition consulting company.

Men’s Health

Coffee and Brown Fat??


Another day another study. I don’t know how much stock I take in this news report.

Scientists at the University of Nottingham in the United Kingdom have discovered that drinking a cup of joe may fight obesity and diabetes by helping the body burn fat.
“This is the first study in humans to show that something like a cup of coffee can have a direct effect on our brown fat functions,” says Professor Michael Symonds, the study’s co-director.

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