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  • Pecans may help reduce cholesterol

    Pecans may help reduce cholesterol

    I love pecans. I regularly make nacho cheese pecans. I created my own nacho cheese seasoning based off of a recipe I saw from Bon Appetit’s former YouTube channel. I fry raw pecans with salted butter in a pot. When they are a deep brown I remove them to a bowl and toss them with […]

  • The science is in! To lower your cholesterol avoid carbs.

    At least that’s what’s being said this week. Personally from all the books I’ve read on the topic it seems obvious to me that saturated fats from animal products don’t cause any harm whatsoever while highly processed fats from plant sources do a great deal of harm. It also makes common sense since there was […]

  • How many eggs a week are too many?

    An article from the Cleveland Clinic tells us there is no current recommendation as to how many eggs are too many and then goes on to tell us that too many eggs are bad. I think if you’re suffering from heart disease then you need to keep a close watch on your cholesterol with your […]

  • Nutrition Diva Podcast addresses the latest news on eggs and heart disease

    You can’t eat eggs. You can eat eggs. You can’t eat eggs. What do we do?!? The Nutrition Diva Podcast tells you the facts behind the latest news. All of this evidence ultimately led the USDA to take cholesterol off the list of nutrients of concern.¬†This decision was not an impulsive one. In fact, many […]

  • D’Marge Magazine marginalizes followers of low carb and keto diets

    Passing off people who are on a low carb diet as cultists who ignore science is not a good way to put forth your argument. Especially since there is now a great deal of science behind the benefits of going low carb. While a diet high in full-fat dairy, butter, ghee and coconut oil can […]