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  • Are we counting carbs wrong?

    Are we counting carbs wrong?

    Personally, I don’t count carbs at all. I don’t know how many I consume in a day. I don’t track macros either. What I do, and it’s a practice I’ve had for decades now, is eat mostly meat and vegetables that are cooked at home. If I do look at a label to see the […]

  • NYT blames meat first for obesity and COVID-19

    Jane Brody of the New York Times has it right when she calls out obesity and Type-2 diabetes for being high risk factors for severe cases of COVID-19. This has been known since almost the beginning of the pandemic. What she doesn’t get right unnecessarily blaming meat. Of course, in recent decades many of the […]

  • Keto, Beans, and Carbs

    Should you eat beans while on the ketogenic diet? You can, but you have to limit the quantity. Also, some beans are higher in carbs than others. Personally I would concentrate on fresh beans like green beans and asparagus beans or other vegetables like snow peas or other peapods. There are fewer carbs and more […]

  • What is keto rash?

    Personally, I’ve never experienced keto rash but I empathize with those that contract it. Rashes are never pleasant. The good news is that it supposedly is easily treated. The bad news is one of the treatments is to increase carbohydrates to move out of ketosis. Keto rash is a rare form of dermatitis, or skin […]

  • For athletes, supplementing with ketones is different than simply being on the keto diet

    I didn’t think this was in dispute. I don’t recall reading anywhere claims being made that simply being on the keto diet will enhance athletes’ performance. I do recall reading how simply being on the keto diet and becoming fat adapted will enhance the athletic performance of regular people. But, these are normal people who […]

  • Here’s what happens when you stop eating sugar

    You probably already know the answer. But, I think it probably needs to be repeated until we stop thinking about diet in the traditional way. Giving up the sweet stuff is challenging since it’s found in unsuspecting places, like veggie burgers, tomato sauce, and crackers. But if you do nix added sugars from your diet, […]