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  • Book: Life in the Fasting Lane

    Last week I finished reading, “Life in the Fasting Lane”, and I think it’s a great book for anyone looking to get into intermittent fasting or even fasting for longer periods. The book follows the real experiences of Eve Mayer and chronicles her successes and struggles with weight, diet, and fasting. There is nothing better […]

  • This couple had such success on the Keto Diet they wrote a book about it.

    A cancer researcher and kinesiology professor and a health journalist found out about the Keto Diet and after 6 years of success decided to write a book about the science behind it. Dave Harper and Dale Drewery are not only romantic partners, they’re keto diet partners as well. In 2013, the couple, who live in Vancouver and have […]

  • The Ketogenic Bible

    I have read other books on the science behind low carbohydrate diets. I was keenly interested in this one because it focuses on the Ketogenic Diet in particular. Most people who know me know that I watch what I eat… meaning that I watch the food as I shovel it into my mouth. But, I’ve […]