Author: Sheila Johnson

  • 8 Mental Health Practices to Support the Keto Lifestyle

    8 Mental Health Practices to Support the Keto Lifestyle

    Sheila Johnson of As critical as recipes and ingredients are to health and well-being, the keto way of life is not complete until you prioritize self-care. And we’re not talking about going to the spa now and then. Self-care means fostering your overall wellness, and your mental health plays a crucial role. That’s why […]

  • 4 Tension Relief Tactics for Households in Self-Isolation

    Sheila Johnson of Have tensions in your household been growing since your family initially went into self-isolation because of the COVID-19 pandemic? When you’re facing an unprecedented challenge, it can be hard to keep your emotions in check – and everyone in your household is probably struggling to do the same. With life slowly […]

  • How to protect yourself against COVID-19

    Sheila Johnson of With No End in Sight Just Yet, Taking Actions Against COVID-19 Is Still a Must It’s been several weeks since the COVID-19 outbreak started, and it can be argued that we’re still very much in its throes. With no official vaccines or medications just yet, it definitely doesn’t look like the […]